Erasing a disk using WIPERAPP ISO


The procedure for starting and erase:

  • After preparing WIPERAPP ISO, connect prepared pendrive to the computer where you want to delete data from the disk via the USB port. (How to prepare WIPERAPP ISO).
  • Start the boot menu (How to start boot menu after USB).
  • Log in to WIPERAPP program using the PIN code that has been generated for You (This code PIN has been sent to your e-mail address and can be found at in the Download and the Account - PIN).
  • After logging in you will see WIPERAPP board.
  • Select the drive from which you want to wipe the data.
  • After wiping the disk, you will receive a certificate confirming the irretrievable wiping of data by e-mail. The certificate can also be found on the website in the Reports.
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