How to connect a wiperbox to a corporate network?

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The system is a network one, it uses network protocols such as PXE, NFS and HTTPS when operating. To keep privacy policy and data integrity, and to eliminate attempts to overuse the system, it is advisable to implement the system in the topology of network connections as shown below:

Recommended architecture

Recommended architecture for connection with company network

Managing interface of the system’s server should be accessible only for persons directly engaged in the process of data removal from hard drives in the organization. Therefore, it is recommended to secure access to the managing interface at the level of firewall implemented in the organization, or to divide and separate the system’s managing network from the computer network of the organization.

When wiping out data from one client computer only, its network interface adapter should be connected directly to the WIPE interface of the data removal system’s server. If there are numerous computer stations where the drives are to be wiped simultaneously, make sure they work in a dedicated network, for instance by using dedicated network switch, or through the isolated VLAN  using L2 network switch. Because of transmitting large volume of data when running the system,  it is advised to make the connections of the system’s clients with server in 1Gbs Ethernet technology.

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