What is the WIPERAPP?

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WIPERAPP is a network system for safe data removal, working within CLIENT/SERVER architecture.

SERVER is a computer on which the WIPERAPP system has been installed. It fulfils a crucial role in the data erasing process and:

  1. It is equipped with a built in DHCP server; its configuration activates the start of computers with the disks to be erased (system clients) using network PXE protocol, and it distributes IP addresses to them,
  2. It enables the start of the application wiping out disks on added client computers,
  3. It allows for setting default parameters of drives’ erasure on all activated client computers,
  4. It manages the licenses allowing the removal of data from disks,
  5. It gathers information about the erased drives: used mechanism of cleaning, time of the process, the outcome of verification and hardware configuration of the computer containing wiped disk,
  6. It enables the generation and downloading of a unique certificate, confirming data removal from the disk. This certificate is available in PDF. When printed, constitutes one of the verification process mechanisms.
A CLIENT is a computer, linked to the server’s interface WIPE, containing hard drives that are to be wiped out. Client’s interface adjusts to the amount of disks detected and displays table, picturing in a row each hard drive identified in the system.

The system allows for data removal from following types of hard drives:

  • HDD
  • SSD
  • SSHD
  • USB pendrives
  • SD cards

Connected through interfaces

  • SATA
  • uSATA
  • mSATA
  • M.2
  • SAS
  • USB to SATA - (WIPERAPP works only with USB to SATA adapters which completely supports “SAT” (SCSI-ATA Command Translation)

Moreover the system works with hot-swap disks on designated platform.

Below you can see how easy it is to use WIPERAPP:

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