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To connect to the WIPERBOX administration panel, connect the Ethernet cable to the socket labeled “ADMIN” (located at the back of WIPERBOX) Connect the other end of the cable to your computer with the operating system and run your web browser. Then enter the address ** ** in the www address field and confirm it… The login screen should appear

The default login and password for the system is: wiperapp.


The main menu consists of 6 submenus:

  1. System - system

  1. Client Default Settings - erase setting

  1. License Management - menu license

  1. Raporty -certifications erase

  1. SPEC - specification of the equipment on which it was launched WIPERAPP

  1. Logout - logout


Management Interface Settings

The IP address that got WIPERBOX thanks to which you can log in remotely to the admin WIPERBOX-a (The function works if you hook up the internet to the “WAN” socket)

Date/Time Settings

Choosing the time zone in which we are.


  • adding new administrator accounts WIPERBOX-a
  • editing existing administrator accounts
  • deleting administrator accounts (for security reasons, the WIPERAPP system has protection against removing the main administrator’s account. You can edit it )

System Mode

operating mode WIPERBOX:

  • wipe - runs applications to erase disks
  • spec - runs applications to display specifications

System Update

menu to update the application WIPERAPP (a description of how to update WIPERAPP can be found here)

Database Backup/Restore

Save - saving your certificates and specifications to your computer
Restore - restoration of the saved copy of your certificates and specifications

System Shutdown/Restart

Restart - restart WIPERBOX-a
Shutdown - shutdown WIPERBOX-a

Client Default Settings

Setting the erase option

  • Wipe Method - disk erase method
    • Clear - erase using the method Clear
    • Purge - erase using the method Purge
    • Auto - the system selects the best method to erase for the disk, consistent with the algorithm described here.

  • Wipe Pattern - pattern erase
    • 0x00 - erase the pattern 0
    • 0xFF - erase the pattern F
    • Random - erase the random pattern

  • Invert Patterns - invert pattern erase

  • Number Of Passes - quantity erase (this option works only with the method Clear, with the Purge method, the deletion amount is 1)

  • Max Bad Sectors - the maximum number of errors on the disk

  • Enable Client - IMPORTANT! Allows you to change the reset method settings on CLIENT machines (eg by the operator)

  • Autorun - automatic disk erase after starting WIPERAPP

  • Verify Size - the size of disk verification expressed in percent. Verification is carried out according to the algorithm in the NIST 800-88r1 standard. According to the standard - the minimum acceptable value is 10%.

  • Ref. no. - reference number

  • Operator Name - operator name, responsible for the process of deleting data

  • Customer Name - the name of the Customer / Company for which the data deletion operation is performed

  • Wipe Organization - the name of the company that performs the process of deleting data

License Status

In the license status tab, you can check the number of current licenses and the number of erased drives using the WIPERAPP application.

License status:

WIPE Licence: licenses left for disks data erasure;

SPEC licenses: licenses left for retrieve information about computer specifications;

Disk wiped: (Used licenses), the number of disks that have already been erased (Disks wiped);

Specs used: (Used licenses), the number of computers about which information has been recently collected.

Add License

adding WIPERAPP licenses


certificates confirming the process of deleting data from the disk using the WIPERAPP application.


specification of the equipment on which the WIPERAPP application was launched

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