How to download and prepare WIPERAPP ISO


To download WIPERAPP ISO:

  • Go to the WIPERAPP Panel (
  • Go to the tab “Downloads” (picture 1)     file    
  • Press the button “Download” (picture 2)        
  • Wait for iso file to be downloaded from WIPERAPP servers        
  • Run the tool for recording ISO on the pendrive (hereafter it will be presented on the basis of the free application “etcher”)
  • download applications etcher ( (appropriate for your version of the operating system).      
  • Before launching the “Etcher” application, we recommend that you disable the antivirus program. It can cause a problem when recording applications on pendrive
  • After starting the application, select the ISO file        
  • Connect the flash drive and select it from the list        
  • Start preparing the pendrive        
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